Who are We?

ECServices were established in 1996, when we began to help our clients make their quality systems work for them, and since we’ve evolved with their growing needs to provide a range of quality management services:

  • Compliance – identify and guide on external rules and regulations
  • Conformance – increase efficacy of your internal arrangements
  • Assessments – schedule and conduct of regular audits
  • Certification – management system standards e.g. AS / NZS ISO 9001
  • Systems Risks – we leverage what’s working for and against you
  • Assurance – process improvement and internal audits.

WE can also help:

  • CUT COSTS – reduce quality failures and errors
  • INCREASE VALUE – maximize returns on investments
  • LEVERAGE SKILLS – build awareness and train people
  • ENHANCE SYSTEMS – ensure your systems work harder


WE make quality, management and systems working FOR YOU!!!

  • STRATEGY – quality leadership, direction and goal setting
  • MENTORING – management, staff and key stakeholders
  • STANDARDS – quality, management and systems
  • AUDITING – auditor training or outsourcing audits.


ECServices delivers solutions for ….

  • Business Owners, Managers and Employees
  • Project Quality and Key Project Stakeholders
  • ISO Certification Programs – we’ll get you Ready, Set …

GO CALL ECServices now – we’ll make your quality systems WORK FOR YOU!!!